Ward 18 + 19: Councillor Questions

Your Councillor matters.

This month, the Dovercourt Park Community Association is pleased to present your local council candidates in their own words. On October 27th, both ward 18 and 19 are going to the polls to select the face of our community; and you get to choose that face.

To help you decide where to place your vote, we asked each of the candidates’: “Why You?”

We’ve emailed each of the candidates and gave them nearly a month to answer using only 140 characters (the length of a tweet). We promised to post their responses, as well as their websites, so that you can follow up and learn more. Some responses have been edited for length, and where the candidate did not respond, we have noted that they couldn’t be reached.

 See their responses after the jump!

Ward 18 Council Candidates (as of Oct 7th)

Paul Alves (www.PaulAlves.com) says “I have lived in Ward 18 for all my 41 years. I know what hasn’t been done and what needs to be done.”

Ana Bailão (www.anaforward18.ca ) “As both a #ward18 resident and Councillor, I have the experience, leadership and community-knowledge to keep our community moving forward.”

Joseph Ferrari could not be reached by print deadline.

Jolene Hunt (www.jolenehunt.com ) says “Toronto is ready for change. I am running to bring a positive agenda to City Hall that focuses on fairness and removing barriers to success.”

Alex Mazer (www.alexmazer.ca ) says “We need new, progressive leadership to build transit, reduce inequality, & rebuild trust in City Hall. I’ll help #Ward18 to lead the way.”

Jim McMillan could not be reached by print deadline.

Derek Power could not be reached by print deadline.

Robert Rodrigues could not be reached by print deadline.

Elsa Romao says “As a single parent and a business owner I understand the struggles of living in this City and being able to afford a home and raise children I Know what needs to be done!”

Mohammed Uddin (voteforuddin.com) could not be reached by print deadline.


 Ward 19 Council Candidates (as of Oct 7th)

Scott Bowman (http://www.scottbowman.ca) says “I’m running to stand up for our community & deliver the results we need on transit, smarter growth, more kid & green space & less gridlock.”

Albina Burello (http://votealbina.ca/wp) could not be reached by print deadline.

Mike Layton (http://mikelayton.ca/) says “For 4 years I have protected Ward 19’s unique neighbourhoods and quality of life, while building a better, safer, more prosperous Toronto.”

George Sawision (http://georgesawision.com/) says I am an Master Electrician, with 39 years experience.  I was born, raised, educated, and live in Ward 19. As an involved citizen since I was a teenager, I have participated in discussions, debates, and meeting concerning decisions made about our community and our city.  My passion for Ward 19 and Toronto has led me to become involved  politically, for we are shaped by the decisions politicians make. Unchecked infill intensification threatening our neighborhood. Residents are frustrated with powerful developers who make decisions without their input.  Residents need to be heard to keep the soul of Toronto in tact. I am willing and able to fight on the side of my community.”

Shout out to the Position Primer the Women in Toronto Politics (WiTOPoli) project that made contacting these candidates so easy.

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