Sobey’s Development

SobeysYou may have heard about the Sobey’s Development from the Blog TO article,

two 11 storey condo towers, composed of 393 residential units and two storeys of street level retail and commercial space, a development which would be accompanied by a whopping 734 parking spaces.

After hearing a lot of concern from the community, I decided to reach out to the local councillors and planning office staff for more information. Some very important concerns have been raised regarding access to amenities (schools), congestion, proximity to the railroad, and fit with the community. However, many in the community welcome the idea of a renewed, unified vision for Dupont, with measured, responsible development.

 From the Councillor‘s Office:

“The land on the north side of Dupont is zoned Employment Lands and the residential proposed on this site is not permitted.This is the case for most of the land on the north side of Dupont along the corridor. In addition to this there are set back requirements for residential from rail corridors for very important safety reasons. When land is zoned Employment, the answer is simply “no”.
The reason [this proposed Sobey’s development] is complicated however, is that there have been requests from prospective developers through the Official Plan review currently underway requesting to change the Employment Land designation to Mixed Use. Mixed Use would allow residential and commercial. The Official Plan review is a process that has been taking place for years and is beginning to come to a close this November. There are details on the OP review here:
Staff will be reporting to the November 21 Planning and Growth Committee with a city-wide response to these requests, including those along Dupont…there will be a recommendation for our stretch of Dupont. Staff could recommend changes to the existing Employment designation, but they can also recommend no change. This can all be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, however the protection of Employment Lands is a key component of the Provinces’s own planning statements.
… if the developers were to somehow achieve a change to mixed use (and I believe this would take quite some time), their current application far exceeds the mid-rise guidelines in terms of height and the proposed density on the site is not a modest request, it is quite large.”

From the Planning Office:

You can find more information on the development proposal on the following website:
When you go to the website, simply type in 840 Dupont Street in the address bar and then double click on what shows up below, then click on the ‘Learn more’ link on the map. This will take you to another page where you can click on ‘Supporting Documentation’ to download all the materials submitted with the application.
At this time City Planning is still reviewing the application, and if it’s eventually approved there will most likely be substantial changes to the plans. A community meeting will be held in the next few months and I can make sure you receive notification by adding you to the Interested Parties list. If you’d like to be added to the list, please send me [Avery Carr] your full mailing address.

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