Canada Post Development

The Old Canada Post Building at 772 Dovercourt Rd has a proposal for a “Site Plan Control for an addition of 974 m2 of non residential gross floor area for a communication broadcast establishment.”

If you’re not familiar with the term “Communications Broadcast Establishment”, the planner who is overseeing the case defined it for us:

A communication broadcast establishment is a defined term in Zoning By-law 438-86, which this application is being reviewed under.
The definition is: a lot, building or structure for radio or television broadcasting; cable television operations; motion picture film, audio or video production, leasing and distribution; location filming management.
It’s for broadcasting radio and television and/or the production of audio or video for film or television.
This use is permitted in the Zoning By-law for this building, which is zoned Mixed Commercial-Residential (MCR).

For more information go to and type in 772 Dovercourt Rd.

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