Bartlett Development

52 Bartlett

Proposal for Site Plan Control (13-241059 SA) and a Zoning By-Law Amendment (13-241061 OZ) to reuse the industrial building (at rear) with the addition of a third storey along with demolition of an existing detached single family dwelling to develop it into a 16 dwelling unit townhouse containing 17 parking spaces. The 3 storey residential townhouses will have a total of 2978.3m2.

There’s also a website created by the developers: which states

“As gentrification continues its bold march west, first-­‐time buyers eager to find a home near the subway line have been snapping up homes in this up-­‐and-­‐coming area (which is actually a collection of smaller neighbourhoods: Bloorcourt, Dovercourt, Bloordale, Wallace, Emerson). New art galleries, bars, vintage stores and indie coffee shops have followed, sparking rumours that the Bloor strip between Lansdowne and Dufferin is the second coming of West Queen West.

A lot of the residences in the northwest corner of the area were originally constructed for workers employed in the factories that once lined the railway. Development proposal signs dot formerly industrial lands and old factories are being reworked into condos. The western border is still a little dodgy (think empty storefronts and rooming houses) though house prices in the east have vaulted high enough to nearly close the gap between Bloorcourt and neighbouring Seaton Village. Some streets are a combination of recently renovated homes and places sorely needing some TLC. A large number of parks (sprawling Christie Pits creates the nabe’s verdant eastern border) help ease the slightly claustrophobic feel, but the narrow streets also add vibrancy.”

2 thoughts on “Bartlett Development

  1. The above quote from was plagarized from Toronto Life’s Real Estate Guide.

    A Community Meeting on November 13 has been posted on the City of Toronto website. You can contact the City planner involved or post your comments there, “which will be taken into consideration when developing our staff recommendations for our final report” (City of Toronto website), I am waiting to hear what time the meeting will be held but somewhere I saw that it will take place inside the factory on the laneway behind 50 Bartlett.

    This is your chance to have your say about changes coming to our neighbourhood. There is increasing pressure for the development of properties near transportation hubs like subway stations. Do you think this development is a good or bad idea? What kind of changes would you like to see? Let the City or your councillor know or come out to the meeting.

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