1136 Dupont Development

1136 DupontThis longstanding application for Employment Lands Conversion on Dupont near Dufferin was submitted in 2012 with a request to rezone Employment Lands to legalize the 18 existing residential units and the place of worship within an existing three-storey building.

There’s a report  [PDF] available through the planning office that details the application thoroughly, if you’re interested in learning more.

From Urban Toronto, regarding a similar proposal at 330 Dupont

The concerns stated by CPR hold a clue to what is at stake. CPR has 60 trains a day rolling through the neighbourhood. The new development proposes large towers adjacent to the railway. The residential units would be less than the 30m buffer required along railways. An “employment area” designation allows for that 30m buffer to be used by businesses, but discourages residential along the rail lines. Besides the obvious safety and nuisance concerns, the buffer offers potential for expanding the transportation corridor. Expropriating commercial and industrial land is easier than tearing down a condominium full of voters.

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