The namesake of our community association, Dovercourt Park, is just the beginning.

The namesake of our community association, Dovercourt Park, is just the beginning.

Dovercourt Park Community Association spans from Bloor to Dupont and Ossington to Dufferin

The original village, founded in the 1870s, was drastically different from the diverse and lively community of today. The name “Dovercourt” comes from the name of the home of one of the Denison Estates (Dover Court).

Our neighbourhood contains a mixture of land-uses: mixed-use residential and commercial buildings of Bloor Street, converted residential structures, single family homes and low rise apartments of Davenport, post-industrial development  and lofts of Dupont, and the large retail spaces of Dufferin.

On Wednesday, June 19, the Dovercourt Park Community Association held its first meeting. A small but incredible group of residents came to show their love for the neighbourhood and express their desire to help build community through volunteer stewardship. So far we are cultural producers, librarians, industrial designers, carpenters, mental health workers,  IT workers, parents and more. We all love our neighbourhood and want to meet more of our neighbours, support local economic development, promote social cohesion and come together to do fun things. We’d love for you to join us

Check out the Meetings page to find out about the next time we’re gathering to discuss these questions, or fill out our volunteer form to receive information on other ways to get involved. We’ll update this page with projects and goals as they’re established.

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